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Some of these are kind of old, but the message is still very current. Please do not redistribute or give to others.  (Though I own the original copies, these are my archive copies that do not have rights to distribute.)  But, having a "listen" for training purposes is my goal in posting these online.  And lastly, many are from cassettes, so don't get excited if it tells you to advance the tape forward, rewind, etc.  Obviously, all you have to do is click to listen with your favorite MP3 player assigned by your computer.

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1.  Title:  24 Words That Sell, 24 words that don't by Thom Norman.

        Part 1  (About 28 minutes)

        Part 2  (About 28 minutes)

Comment:  I took this serious in 1978, and it has helped tremendously all these years!  Negative image words like "deal" were cut out of my mental dictionary and replaced with positive image words such as "investment" in this case.  Now, if you are a car dealer or salesman...deal may be as good as it gets!  Everyone else, remember it is often associated with "bad" much more than "good". This training is one of the best to polish what you say.  (Or don't say)

2.  Title:  The Gold in Goals by Zig Ziglar.

        Part 1  (About 28 minutes)

        Part 2  (About 27 minutes)

Comment:  Goal setting is easy.  Achieving them is not.  Let the master sales trainer, Zig Ziglar, give you some motivation to do them, and do them right!  I saw him live on stage in 1978 in Minneapolis at one of his "Positive Thinking" rallies. He was jumping up and down like a kid!  Tremendous energy! Boy, do we ever need training and motivation today! Bottom line is this:  don't let his southern drawl fool you. This man earned his title for a reason. If you listen to both parts, I guarantee you some "Zig" will stick on you and you won't be able to get it off.  And, believe it or not -- that is a good thing!

3.  Title:  How to Increase Your Energy by Tony Robbins.

        One file, (About 27 minutes)

Comment:  O.K., we now know what words should be used and what words should be avoided like the plague.  And, why goal setting is so important.  But, believe it or not, most people never achieve their true potential in sales, if otherwise qualified, for one main reason.  They are tired!!!  Learn from Tony some interesting concepts, touching lightly on nutrition here in this talk, taken out of his total series from a few years ago.  Quite a few years ago! Get some energy...and get going!



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