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Listing: Blackhawk Drive / Phoenix, Arizona

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Listing Broker Agent:  M.D. Anderson

Contact Information:

Phoenix Metro: 480-345-1616

Other: 1-800-782-2806

Fax:  480-786-4045




Additional Pictures: Outside!

Additional Pictures:  Inside!

Additional Pictures:  Back Yard!

Additional Pictures:  The Garage!

Additional Information:  This beautiful home will be ready for occupancy as soon as September 1st, 2008.  The many built-ins, coves, and custom corners are obvious in the pictures. But compare them to similar homes that are in the same pricing range.  Many at this price are just "cookie-cutter" square rooms that are void of any "custom" feel that this home will give you.  Professional colors and custom features highlight this home contrasted to so many that have plain white walls and basic (low cost) cupboards, etc. 

There is a difference and that is why this home most likely will not be on the market for long!  If you want it -- we are ready to make it Y0UR home.  And, the United States Treasury is also ready to make this YOUR home.  If you buy this home, and you haven't owned a primary residence during the past 3 years, and your income is under $ 95,000 as a single taxpayer or under $ 170,000, filing married and joint, they will give you back a tax credit as soon as January 2009 up to $7,500!! *

*  Credit is refunded with your 2008 tax return filing. This is a fully refundable credit you will get, but it is also a "loan" that they will require you pay it back over a 15 year time period.  But, it is at ZERO interest!  So, few would pass up the chance to "GET PAID" back by this new tax law provision.  Let it work for you and you can buy furniture for YOUR new home, take a nice vacation, or even get a large portion of a new pool in the backyard paid for -- all compliments of the United States Government!  Arizona Realty One Group makes no representations whatsoever that this credit will apply to you.  See your accountant, CPA, or tax advisor for additional details, restrictions and provisions. 

Photography by:  The Listing Agent