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Dear FSI Client or Guest,

Thanks for coming!  You were personally invited to this site for a special offer on my professional legal document services. If you would spent just a few minutes perusing the applicable video on this page, I think the true message I may not have had time to discuss with you in our last "face to face" meeting can get properly delivered. If you are a guest of one of our current clients, welcome as well. Special discount pricing is also being extended to you as well for a limited time.

And that message is that never in the history of the country since I can remember, have we faced the multiple world wide problems that populate our newspapers and online media outlets. I know my senior clients older than me may say the dark days of the depression or World War II were much worse and they would be right for past events in the last 100 years.

But the ISIL situation is unique to the world now for the first time in history, multiple countries lost their leaders and huge junks of those countries are now being taken over by this radical group and similar groups. I am not going to blame any one person or become political.  I just want you to stop and pause in your busy lives and consider why it may be more important than ever to protect your own family or heirs with professional legal documents.

Male citizens in those mostly lawless countries are forced to either convert and join the caliphate or die. Thus the sudden growth and power is unlike any other seen in this century, including the Nazi regime. The risk we will soon face here in America is at our door in my opinion. Other than who we vote for, you and I can't really do much more about world events.  But we can take care of our own house here at home.

This "reality" message isn't to scare you, just to ring the bell and ask:

Is your house in order?  Do you have your legal documents up to date?  Or do you even have legal documents to protect your family or heirs?

And if you still have minor children, do you have proper guardianship documents and controls so the guardians you desire for taking care of your kids won't be tempted to use the kid's money for their own purposes?

 I have recorded a personal video message for FSI clients whether you have used our legal document services or not in the past.  Please take a look and if the message gets through and you desire to proceed, everything you need is posted with links below to get started. 

Just in case you may wonder, I have been doing high level professional legal document preparation services, including estate settlements for almost a quarter century and my Testimonials will give you all the assurance necessary to trust me for this important work. Sadly, 70% of Americans ignore preparing proper documents and either die intestate, or with out of date document that require needless and expensive court review to interrupt the terms.

As an FSI client, I don't want that to happen to you and urge you to hear the message and special offer in the applicable video prepared for you below:

FSI Client's Message for those that do not have a Legacy Will Portfolio or Legacy Trust Portfolio




Video 1 Here




FSI Client's Message for those that DO have a Legacy Will Portfolio or Legacy Trust Portfolio




Video 2 Here



Thanks for coming and thanks for viewing the applicable video.  While the thought is fresh in your mind, please take the time now to download the applicable worksheet to get started.  If you have any questions, please call or email me.


M.D. (Mike) Anderson

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