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Listing: Peaceful in Peoria             MLS Information:  Click To View Listing

Listing Broker Agent:  M.D. Anderson

Contact Information:

Phoenix Metro: 480-345-1616

Out of Valley or State, Toll Free:  1-800-782-2806

Fax:  480-786-4045

Your New Home Awaits You in This Peaceful Gated Town Home Community in Peoria, Arizona...



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Additional Information:  This cozy town home is ready for occupancy.  It needs nothing beyond a new owner.  Lots of storage and closet space.  A brand new full size kitchen is the highlight with all new appliances!  The quality of this home should be obvious in the pictures. Feel free to compare to similar homes that are in the same pricing range.  Few are in this condition with neutral colors, not garish looking dark walls that will have to be repainted.  

There is a difference and that is why this home most likely will not be on the market for long!  If you want it -- we are ready to make it Y0UR home.  The price is right, and the time to buy at less than 1/2 of full value just a couple years ago is also NOW!  And, the United States Treasury is also ready to make this YOUR home.  If you buy this home as a qualified first time homeowner or a 5 year homeowner, they will give you back a tax credit in about 3 weeks for $8,000 for first time homeowners and $6,500 for qualified 5 year homeowners!   So, that is much more than "chunk change" and your chance to "GET PAID"  by being proactive and buying a home during a bad economic period.  Let it work for you and you can buy furniture for YOUR new home, take a nice vacation, or even start your own business if you like!  All compliments of the United States Government! 

Arizona Realty One Group makes no representations whatsoever that this credit will apply to you.  See your accountant, CPA, or tax advisor for additional details, restrictions and provisions. 

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