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With a Professional Financial Consultant
Here in Arizona, there is a financial consultant ready and willing to help you solve
your biggest financial problem. It doesn't matter how difficult it may be. 
All that matters is that you are serious about finding solutions.

     Thanks for stopping by.  No matter what may be bothering you about your finances or situation -- you will find information that will help you get going in the right direction again. These are premium financial consulting websites for all discriminating Arizona residents as well as U.S. residents across the country.

"If You Don't Know Where You Are Going...Any Road Will Get You There."  

(Quote by Lewis Carroll)M.D. Anderson - Consultant - Realtor

     I am M.D. Anderson of Chandler, Arizona.  It takes all 45+ years of practice as a multiple disciplined financial advisor and consultant, as well as valuable arrangements with other financial advisors who I associate with -- to be able to offer solutions to you that few others can offer.  

     No matter what it may be -- a problem real estate situation; an inherited IRA that someone tells you will have to have taxes paid on it before they put it in your name; a life insurance policy that seems outdated or overpriced; shopping for a fixed annuity to get the best interest rate or guaranteed monthly income; or an estate or trust issue at death -- all of these situations are common in my every day consulting work load.

 Here Are My Consulting or Sales Services:
REALTOR:  Professional Investor Consultant, Retirement Advisor & and Estate Homes Consultant

Realty One Group in Tempe       There are a lot of good real estate agents in Arizona.  Over 70,000 to be exact.  That's a lot of people to choose from!  However, few have over 45 years of experience I have in overall financial decision making with clients. My EXPERIENCE is a huge benefit to you as my client. lf you choose me as your professional Realtor to help you buy your dream home or sell your current home, I will  represent you aggressively in any task given me.

And when it comes comes to investment property, buying investment property inside your current 401(k) or IRA plan, or listing an estate home or property... well the crowd thins down to just a few qualified Realtors in Arizona who have the "depth"  and experience in those areas.  Just know I am specialized and "active" in all of these advanced fields of real estate sales and consulting.

      My perspective while representing you as a professional Realtor helps keeps the "surprise" factor limited, which in turn gives more peace of mind and less stress during the buying or selling process.  And, because I can draw on vast knowledge of how taxes, legal and insurance issues affect your purchase or sale, you directly will benefit from my past experience. Both personal and investment or commercial property guidance is available so you can tackle the complicated opportunities that await you.     

Visit my traditional real estate site to look at local listings, resource on important topics, or to leave me your "dreams" so I can help you make them come true at: 
     For those seeking advanced topics such as how to buy real estate with your IRA, when is right time to take the gain on your main home, or to discover how much you can save on your income taxes with investment properties, these advanced real estate subjects are common areas covered in private consulting sessions available with M.D. Anderson.
* Realty One Group is not associated with Financial Strategies, Inc.  M.D. Anderson provides real estate services separately from his own firm as an independent Contractor/Realtor of Realty One Group.

 TRUST CONSULTANT: Arizona's Premier Non-Lawyer Prepared Living Trust Portfolio

Arizona Living Trust        Let me prepare the proper estate planning legal documents you need as your Arizona certified legal document preparer (AZCLDP). My "Legacy Trust Portfolio" can help all Arizona residents avoid delays and those public records published after death. The program we offer can lower estate expenses and help you avoid other problems prevalent in estates that are not planned properly. 
 I have prepared hundreds of Arizona estate plans, mostly living trusts, over the past 29+ years as a document preparer. Price is no guarantee of quality in legal documents, but one thing is for sure -- my pricing is fair and honest and and you will get professional documents that are legally correct and effective when you need to use them. Please don't let "bargain" pricing fool you from competitors. It is very true that you get what you pay for in goods and services as a general rule. "Cheap" legal documents in Arizona are most often - improper, the wrong forms, or worse, a ploy to learn more about your assets so the salesman can try to sell you a high priced annuity or life insurance policy! (The Arizona Attorney General is aware of this ploy they use by drafting legal documents just to get in YOUR front door). 

     You will want to make sure you do business with a quality firm and an AZCLDP in good standing with his or her governing board.
And if you need legal advice, let our firm make the referral for you to a qualified estate planning lawyer.  I am standing by to provide  professional financial consulting services as your Arizona certified legal document preparer.  And after using my legal document preparation services, I am quite sure you will never look for anyone else in the future.

      Another choice to save on the fees involved to obtain quality work, is to check out the difference between using an AZCLDP versus an Arizona lawyer on this popular informational website.  Though Financial Strategies, Inc. is not a law firm, it serves as a corporate AZCLDP firm delivering a quality portfolio few firms (law firms or not) can duplicate at the pricing level we charge for our services. This free informational site gives you content that is current and motivational - so that your current trust can avoid failure upon your disability or upon your demise. And the blog articles alone will bring you up to speed on current trends in estate, tax, insurance and retirement planning.

      Sadly, many trust their trust to perform when they need it most, but have ignored proper funding and proper updating that all but ruins their chances to do the two things they bought it for:  1. To Avoid Probate and 2. To Avoid Public Probate display of their assets. (update services for current FSI trust owners are discounted and for others, they are reasonably priced)  Or, if you are now starting from scratch to create a new living trust portfolio, this site has all the information to help you make good decisions.      

      I personally invite you to find out what a certified legal document preparer and nationally known trust/estate/retirement specialist can do for you in preparing your confidential and important estate planning legal documents. You can also hire me as your estate accountant to settle an Arizona trust estate as well as any estate not in trust, even if it means it must go through the probate process here in Arizona.  I can also help you fund your trust properly as a trust consultant, with assets not yet in your trust instrument.    

     With over 125 client deaths since inception, my custom trust portfolio clients, as far as I know, only one family had to enter into probate here in Arizona since I started writing and delivering professional trust portfolios way back in 1991!
(His much younger new wife wrongly convinced him to remove assets from his living trust) 
Let me provide professional financial consulting services as your certified legal document preparer, and you will never look for anyone else in the future.

INHERITED IRA CONSULTANT:  Nationally Recognized Inherited IRA Information Site

Inherited IRA       Sadly, many get into a bad position on inherited funds, because they didn't call me first!  It is isn't much fun to realize that the IRS has a lien on your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), SEP, Pension, or other qualified funds accounts.  This nationally recognized and popular information site I sponsor and own will give you a chance to protect against that lien being "exercised" upon your death" or the "death of a parent or grandparent". 

No matter who has left you as a beneficiary (heir) to a large inherited IRA type account, getting a professional opinion BEFORE taking action is a smart move. My professional financial consulting in this area has allowed me to be hired by estate managers of numerous wealthy families here in the United States as well as around the world for ex-patriots.     

     Just as an example of how poor most financial advisors perform in this area of finance, 401-(K) Account owners born before 1936 who are NOW DECEASED, may be eligible for IRS approved 10 year averaging if they do cash the money in.  Often, no one tells them in time and greedy financial advisors seem to direct heirs to just "cash in" and invest the difference with them. That is the kind of information YOU should know about early on and exactly the kind of information you will find on my inherited IRA content rich website.

     Others leave IRA money to their living trust and the surviving heirs are often told by advisors that they will have to withdraw and pay the taxes on the funds soon after the death. Some advisors or IRA custodians will tell you to get an expensive IRS "Private Letter Ruling" BEFORE they can help you reset the RMD's (Required Minimum Distributions) into the often younger ages of the trust beneficiaries.

     Once retained and working for you, I help you cut to the chase and sort the wheat from the chaff in a matter of minutes, so you WILL KNOW what is real and correct.  A lot of former financial advisors get fired after I am hired and discover they have given you bogus advice, or worse, outright illegal statements just because they want a new commission on your newly inherited retirement dollars.
Many times, no options are given at all to heirs or estate managers. Heirs are told they have to pay taxes on the funds in order to get them in their name. Or the "five year" rule is applied when it doesn't even apply. ALL of these situations are the greatest areas of malpractice going on in the inherited qualified funds advisory field today!  Don't be a victim of bad advisors, or allow your heirs to end up in our self proclaimed "Inherited IRA Hell".  

 I have been published nationally in multiple media publications showing my expertise in this area of financial practice.  SAVE YOURSELF OR YOUR HEIRS FROM TROUBLE --
let me provide professional financial consulting services on any large inherited IRA question you may have, BEFORE you take action.  You will never look for anyone else in the future when it comes to questions on inherited IRA accounts.                    
FREE ESTATE SETTLEMENT INFORMATION:  Arizona's Most Comprehensive Free Estate Settlement Information Site
Arizona Estate Settlement     You can take your estate settlement needs to a lawyer and he or she will farm out all of the tax work most likely to a local accounting firm, bring in insurance and investment specialists for those areas of expertise they usually have little training or experience in, as well as connect with a Realtor® you may not know to refer the home, business or investment property out for the real estate listing.      

     For this, you may get the privilege of paying the full firm's billing rate as high as $ 500 per hour!  Or you can check out my estate services packaged so you can have one advisor and save thousands of dollars in settlement fees. No, I can't give legal advice, but I am well connected to give a referral to a lawyer should that need arise.

     Here, is my "give back" for those wanting to try and settle an Arizona estate by themselves. The
most comprehensive free information on the internet for Arizona residents awaits you. Use me as you need to fill in the gaps while YOU do all the work you can on your own as the appointed Trustee/estate manager. You will never look for anyone else in the future, when it comes to questions on settling an Arizona estate.

TAX CONSULTING/PREPARATION:  Professional Tax Advisory and Preparation for Individuals and Estates - at reasonable fees!
Arizona Tax Preparer      Professional tax consulting, advisory and preparation for individuals and estates is my specialty in my tax practice. For individuals, I specialize in self employed individual taxpayers who file IRS schedule "C".  For estates, I assist and file IRS Form 1041 for trusts and estates that are required to file after the death or disability of a taxpayer. (And state versions when applicable)  As an IRS approved ERO, (Electronic Return Originator) corporate firm, fast submission and refunds are possible when electronic deposits are authorized for deposit into your bank account.     

     I will keep you up to date on the filing and refund process so you know exactly when your refund will be deposited into your bank account!  (for those who get refunds) Practicing as an accounting firm since 1988 and since 1990 with my current firm, Financial Strategies, Inc., the years of experience guarantee you have a sharp tax preparation experience.  (No learning experience with a rookie...)    

     This year for 2019 returns and beyond, let me do the work for you. Or, if you have past due returns pending, let me help you get caught up before any REAL trouble comes your way.  I do that a lot for clients who find me and hire me, usually by referral.
  Don't let distance matter either. My services cover tax consulting and tax preparation throughout the United States as well as for U.S. citizens living in foreign countries.

     Lastly, don't let price stop you either. If you are organized, our fees are very similar to name brand name tax firms and many times, our clients report we charge a lot less! You will never look for anyone else in the future, when it comes to finding a good "tax man", once you hire me to do your tax returns.

So, Why Use Me?

FSI rescues those jumping into Inherited IRA Hell

      People tend to ignore outside financial advice until they lose money, fall into a financial abyss, get  sued, or suffer some other type of financial calamity (divorce, death of a spouse, etc.).  I have mastered all of the areas I practice in and have practiced as a well known, smart, professional Arizona based advisor, I am confident that I offer the most high quality multiple financial services performed by any ONE Arizona advisor in Arizona!  My 45+ years of knowledge and experience exceeds most other advisors still active in just one field of financial services practice. My estate settlement services as estate accountant/consultant help save thousands of dollars normally paid out to high priced law firms, for clients here in Arizona.      

egarding annuities, don't let the stockbrokers out there fool you.  They have their place and only a fool puts all his or here money in variable investments. 
Laddered strategies in annuities, guaranteed income annuities, retirement income planning, as well as locating and consulting on investment real estate decisions are areas you should get consultant help before you invest, not after.

        Also, I can help you if you inherit a large IRA as a practicing accountant and tax consultant since 1988. Don't let some un-informed advisor cost you an immediate tax bill on a larger Inherited IRA account.  Let me show you how to stretch the IRS payments as long as possible (limited under new law for January 1, 2020 deaths and thereafter for non spouse beneficiaries).
And, if you are concerned about the economy and where we might be heading, I am a "hard asset" real estate advisor. 

Happiness is working with MD Anderson
     Your health, wealth and happiness has never been more important than now to protect, build on and secure in a time of world wide pandemic issues scaring so many and causing them to freeze up and fail to continue the quest to do whatever it takes to not only survive but thrive no matter what comes next.

     ALL financial advisory is filtered through current events and circumstances as well as a tax "screen" to be sure investment choices are equitable "after taxes".  Few financial advisors practice and master just one occupation let alone the (4) financial occupations I currently practice in and have mastered. Benefit from what I know by taking the first step and contacting me for a no obligation chat.

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